Thanks for dropping by. We appreciate your support!

Donations of any amount are greatly and sincerely appreciated. If you're wondering about the amount, our sweet spot is $50. Here’s A good way to justify that: If you donate $50, then buy a ticket and go see each of the plays, it’s as if you are paying $32 per play PLUS you are sitting pretty knowing that your donation first and foremost helped pay the performers and crew .. That’s a pretty good deal. 

If you'd like to donate more than $50, that's great. And by great I mean, if you donate $100, when you buy your your General Admission ticket, pop me an email and it automatically gets upgraded to VIP: reserved seating and a free drink ticket. 


How to Donate

The easiest way is through Paypal.
Go to on Paypal's site and donate there. 

You can also use a credit card via Square. Email me at

Or to send an old fashioned check to: Email me at for info